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Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is for students looking to get involved, positively contribute to the campus community and become leaders on campus. Throughout the program, Ambassadors are given exclusive opportunities to volunteer at events and participate in an ongoing workshop series, designed to support their personal and professional growth.

Ambassador responsibilities:

  • Engage in providing feedback (e.g. policies, surveys).
  • Participate in and attend university events 
  • Support staff and faculty at events.
  • Support students.
  • Volunteer at major university events (e.g. Ontario Universities' Fair, Open House, MyStart: Welcome and Orientation).

If you have any further questions, email

Being an Ambassador is a great way to develop your leadership skills, meet new people, and get involved on campus.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, your first step is to attend the Ambassador level one training day. This training often takes place at the beginning of each semester. After this, you will meet with the program coordinator to receive your official Ambassador shirt and confirm eligibility for various volunteer opportunities and student leadership positions.

Ambassador Program Outcomes written in a colourful wheel: civic engagement, interpersonal competence, intrapersonal development, cognitive complexity, and knowledge acquisition.Participation in the Ambassador Program will provide you with the opportunity for personal development within the following five domains: 

Civic Engagement: You will explore social responsibility as it relates to societal systems of power and oppression.

Cognitive Complexity: You will develop critical thinking skills through creative problem-solving.

Interpersonal Competence: You will practice reflection in order to increase self-understanding.

Intrapersonal Development: You will cultivate interpersonal skills through collaboration and teamwork.

Knowledge Acquisition: You will demonstrate an ability to understand, connect, and construct knowledge.

In levels one through three, you will participate in a full-day training, each level building upon previous training knowledge. You will then apply this knowledge through participation in exclusive volunteer opportunities. In level four, you will collaborate with other students on a project that highlights the knowledge, skills and abilities developed throughout the program.

In order to obtain recognition for your involvement in the Ambassador program, you must have completed the following for each level:

  • Level One - Training (full day + AODA + Mindsight), 15 volunteer points, Campus Connected 
  • Level Two - Training, 15 volunteer points 
  • Level Three - Training, 15 volunteer points 
  • Level Four - Culminating project 

In addition, before the start of each school year, you will be asked to complete a refresher module that will provide you with any program updates and university changes that are important to know as a student leader.