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Nomination process

The nomination process is open to all faculty, staff and students at Ontario Tech.  Nominators and nominees must meet the nominator requirements. 

To nominate a student:

  1. Complete the award nomination form. If you would like to review the information before you start, view the guiding document.
  2. If you know someone who would like to nominate the same student, there will be an option to attach a letter of support at the end of the nomination form. Please limit letters of support to one page.

The nomination period is currently closed. Please check back for future nomination dates.


Frequently asked questions

  • What are the nominator requirements?

    The nomination process is open to all faculty, staff and students at Ontario Tech.


    • Can nominate multiple students for awards.
    • Can nominate the same student for multiple awards (e.g. nominate the same student for the Community Building and Respect Award).
    • Cannot base a nomination on, and/or include reference to experiences for which the student received academic credit (e.g. internship, practicum, course assignment, capstone projects, etc.).
    • Cannot nominate the same student for the same leadership award multiple times (e.g. nominate the same student for the Community Building Award more than once).
  • How are students notified?
    Winners of the President’s Award of Excellence will be notified prior to the awards ceremony while winners of the Student Leadership Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony. Invitations to the ceremony will be sent out in August. Upon receiving their reward, award winners will be showcased on the university website and also be included under Past Award Recipients.
  • What is the selection process?

    The nomination process is open to all faculty, staff and students at Ontario Tech. Nominators must submit a Student Leadership Awards Nomination Form by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 31, 2020.

    Nominee screening (March to May 31)

    Throughout the nomination period, nominees are regularly screened against award requirements (e.g. CGPA minimums).

    Initial application review (June)

    Evaluation committee made of staff and faculty review nomination applications. Sign up to become an evaluator here. Applications are determined to be successful (meet basic award criteria) or unsuccessful (do not meet basic award criteria).

    Nominees contacted (July)

    Nominees of successful applications will be contacted and informed of their nominations. Both nominators and nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony at this time.

    Personal statements requested (July)

    Top applications are selected and nominees are contacted and asked to submit a personal statement to include in their application. This is to be completed by top Student Leadership Awards applicants and President’s Award applications only.

    Winners selected (August)

    The evaluation committee considers both the nomination and the personal statement in the selection of the award winners. 

    Winners contacted (August)

    Winners and their nominators are informed.

For more information, contact