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Sexual Violence Support and Education

Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities recently released additional data from the Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey conducted at post-secondary institutions across Ontario in 2018. Thank you to all of the Ontario Tech students who took the time to provide information about their experiences so that the university can continue to make their university experience as safe and supportive as possible.

At Ontario Tech, we will be working with our students, primarily through the Advisory Committee on Student Sexual Violence Prevention and Support, to review the data and use it to inform future educational programming and service improvements.

Sexual Violence Support and Education

At Ontario Tech we are committed to:

  • Supporting survivors of all identities if they have experienced sexual violence.
  • Connecting our community members to the tools they need to provide effective support for individuals who may disclose.
  • Engaging our campus community in programming initiatives to help build a culture of consent and empower individuals to intervene in situations where sexual violence has taken or may take place.