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Student sexual violence policy

On December 7 2016, the UOIT Board of Governors approved a new Policy on Sexual Violence for Students and Procedures for Responding to Incidents of Sexual Violence

This Policy affirms UOIT’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for work and study by providing support and assistance to students who may have experienced an act of sexual violence, and by condemning any act that perpetuates or reinforces sexual violence.  Through education and preventative programming we strive to create a culture that is characterized by respect and inclusion, and where individuals are empowered to intervene in situations where sexual violence has taken or may take place.

The Student Sexual Violence Policy is the result of considerable consultation with the UOIT community over many months. These consultations included focus groups, individual consultations, town halls, as well as meetings with various committees and working groups.  The final versions of the Policy were also posted online for comment.  We are indebted to all those who took the time to provide feedback and suggestions that were incorporated into the final draft.

The Policy will be reviewed by UOIT’s Advisory Committee on Student Sexual Violence Prevention and Support on an annual basis.  Students and other members of the community are invited to provide feedback and suggestions on its improvement to the Committee for its consideration at any time. Revisions arising from this review will be brought forward to the UOIT Board of Governors in May each year. 

Feedback for the Committee may be sent to:

The UOIT Advisory Committee on Student Sexual Violence Prevention and Support has undertaken to ensure that the university’s Student Sexual Violence Policy, and the support services, programming and training that sustain these policies, are reviewed on a regular basis and continuously improved upon.

Feedback and suggestions from students and other members of the community for consideration by the Advisory Committee are welcome throughout the review process and can be sent to:

Advisory Committee Membership: The Advisory Committee wishes to engage all relevant stakeholders in the consultation process to ensure that the needs of UOIT students are being met. To this end, the Advisory Committee is consulting with a number of offices on campus to better understand processes and determine where improvements may be recommended, including:

  • The role of the UOIT Support Worker
  • Training programs for UOIT students, faculty and staff
  • Investigation processes
  • Appeals process
  • Decision-making processes
  • Informal resolution processes

Following these consultations, the Advisory Committee will be reviewing all collected feedback and will bring forward a report to the Office of the Provost detailing its recommendations changes to the Sexual Violence Policy and related procedures.

Email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the proposed consultation timeline. The Advisory Committee recognizes that this timeline may need to be adapted, and any changes to the timeline will be posted here.

May 2018

  • Initial consultations with students through open forums and roundtables, and with all members of the community (students, staff, and faculty) through online submissions.

Summer 2018

  • Consultation with university departments (e.g., Office of Campus Safety, Human Resources, Student Mental Health Services, Student Engagement and Equity, etc.).

September and October 2018

  • Roundtables and forums for UOIT students to provide feedback on the policy
  • Information on the dates and times of these events will be posted to this page. Please email to be added to the list of interested students; you will receive an email once dates and times for roundtables and forums have been confirmed.

November 2018

  • Advisory Committee reviews all information, comments and feedback gathered through its consultations, and drafts recommendations for policy revisions and programming.

December 2018

  • Advisory Committee shares the first draft of recommendations and policy revisions with the university community, seeking clarification on the feedback received and continuing the consultation process.

January 2019

  • Advisory Committee reviews all collected feedback and prepares and submits recommended changes to the Student Sexual Violence Policy and related procedures to the Office of the Provost

Winter 2019

  • UOIT Board of Governors considers revisions to the Student Sexual Violence Policy as recommended by the Advisory Committee.

Terms of Reference

The UOIT Advisory Committee on Student Sexual Violence Prevention and Support to provides advice and guidance to the Provost on the University’s efforts to oppose sexual violence among students on campus.  The mandate of the Committee includes: 

(a)          Reviewing and recommending revisions to university policies on student sexual violence as needed;

(b)          Advising on training programs for development and delivery to staff, faculty, students, senior administrators, and the UOIT Board of Governors. This training will include UOIT's process for responding to and addressing disclosures and complaints;

(c)           Identifying updates to supports, services and online content;

(d)          Evaluating the efficacy of programming, activities, and processes related to help‐seeking behaviours and advising on changes, where necessary;

(e)          Overseeing the implementation of a survey of students or other UOIT members, as required, relating to the effectiveness of university policies on sexual violence;

(f)           Drafting an annual report highlighting data related to measures listed above in this section and making recommendations to the Provost or delegate; and

(g)           Preparing a written annual review to the Office of the Provost and Vice‐President Academic detailing recommended changes to the Student Sexual Violence Policy and related procedures.


The Committee membership is comprised of the following:

  • Two UOIT Faculty Members appointed by the Provost (one to serve as the Chair)
  • President, UOIT Student Union or delegate
  • Four UOIT students appointed by the AVP Student Life
  • An academic advisor
  • Two representatives from Student Life
  • UOIT Assistant Vice‐President, Student Life or delegate

Every effort will be made to ensure that the membership draws on the university’s expertise in the area of sexual violence, and that it also reflects a broad diversity of experience across the academic programs.

Members serve on a voluntary basis for a two‐year term for staff and one‐year term for students with the possibility of renewal for an additional term.

The Committee will be supported by the Manager, Student Engagement and Equity and the Executive Assistant, Student Life.


The Committee will meet at least three times per academic year; however, additional meetings may be required.

For further information about the Committee, please contact

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