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Mental Health

We are dedicated to supporting students' mental health throughout their time at the university. Connect with a mental health counsellor and learn about the wellness groups and initiatives that are available to you. 

If you are working towards your master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, learn about our practicum opportunities.

If you are a staff or faculty member looking to refer a student to one of our services, visit our referral page. During our business hours, if you have a student in distress call the Student LifeLine at 905.721.3392.

Ontario Tech University provides support and assistance for students experiencing academic challenges caused by personal, physical or emotional difficulties by offering a range of short-term counselling and therapy services to students. Students in crisis will also be provided support and counselling as needed through appropriate referrals to the community. There is no charge for these services.

Ontario Tech University also works with partnership with the community or with the student's home community to refer to appropriate resources when there is a need for specialized mental health services or longer-term counselling support.