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Student Experience Record (SER)

What is the SER?

The Ontario Tech SER is a comprehensive record of your involvement in co-curricular experiences throughout your Ridgeback journey. It's used to highlight your diverse university experiences, and showcases your personal involvement and commitment to growing outside of the classroom.

Your personal SER can be added to your resumé, and be a supplemental piece that highlights your skills that are easily transferable to the professional industry.

As you apply for jobs, future education or volunteer experiences, your SER will be a great tool to showcase soft skills that are important to employers in today's market.

The deadline to add positions to your SER was May 1, 2024. 

Instructions for Adding an Experience

Please note: Activities will not be posted on a student’s official SER transcript if they are missing the reflection questions, time entry and/or competencies—even if approved by a validator. These fields are required to be posted.

Follow the steps - Instructions for Adding an Experience
  1. Log into the Student Life Portal

  2. Navigate to the left-hand navigation of this page and select Student Experience Record (SER)

  3. Select co-curricular

  4. Select, add to experience.

  5. Search for an activity or position by: 

    • Typing an activity or position in the search box (e.g. intramural participant) and selecting the corresponding position as it begins to populate.

    • Using search filters to search for different activities or positions.

  6. Make your selection and then select add to record

  7. Select the blue add reflection button and complete the reflection questions. 

  8. Select save.

  9. Under time entry, select the grey edit button; include the total number of required hours you've completed. Then select update and the total hours will appear on your SER.

  10. Using the drop-down menu, select achieved for a minimum of five competencies.

  11. Select save changes.

Value of Participating

Learn more - Value of Participating

Value of participating in co-curricular experiences

Becoming involved in co-curricular university experiences will help you: 

  • Build up and complement your resumé with hands-on work experience. 

  • Complement your classroom academics to help build your employability skills.

  • Demonstrate your personal growth to enhance your skills and commitment to holistic learning.

  • Discover the types of work-related experiences you're passionate about and guide your future learning. 

  • Highlight your initiative and dedication to becoming involved within the Ontario Tech community.

We know as a student, you're committed to your studies and may have obligations outside of your courses that are important to you, or required of you. Therefore, your SER will help you to further demonstrate your soft and industry-related skills, giving you a competitive edge in the job market while allowing you to draw on solid co-curricular experiences that can be connected to any upcoming interviews. 

Adding your Experiences to LinkedIn

Instructions - Adding your Experiences to LinkedIn

Automatically share your experiences with employers

  1. Log into the Student Life Portal

  2. In the left-hand navigation, select dashboard.

  3. In the top navigation, select experiential record

  4. On the experiential record page, select the menu button, which is the circle displaying three vertical dots.

    • Please note: If you haven't done so already, you must select publish your experiential transcript to move on to step four. 

  5. Select view experiential transcript

  6. Once on the My Ontario Tech Experiential Record page, you can:

    • Use the LinkedIn button (add to profile) to automatically add the experience to your LinkedIn profile. 

    • Use the share symbol to send via email or copy the URL. 

  7. Log into your personal LinkedIn account

  8. Complete the add license or certification pop-up information. 

  9. Select save

Experiential Catalogue

The Experiential Catalogue captures and houses all available experiential opportunities at the university.

This interactive platform allows you to search for specific opportunities based on your interests, as well as for specific skill development. It's easy to find a club, society, student group or other opportunity that's right for you.

Search the Experiential Catalogue

Guidelines for what can appear on your SER

For a position to be eligible to appear on your SER, the experience must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an ongoing commitment and/or training workshop. 

  • Be linked to—and support—the development of at least five relevant competencies. 

  • Have a connection to the Ontario Tech community. 

  • Showcase involvement, not just attendance. 

If you have any questions about your SER , please contact