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Peer Pods

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What is a Peer Pod?

Peer Pods are drop-in support sessions tailored for select historically challenging courses. Led by peer facilitators, these sessions offer a welcoming and flexible environment where you can seek assistance, tackle problems, and boost your understanding. Simply drop by during scheduled times and immerse yourself in a supportive group setting. There's no pressure to stay for the entire session—come and go as you please!

Why should I attend?

Peer Pods offer: 

  • Flexibility: Attend at your convenience! With our drop-in format, you can join sessions whenever it suits your schedule.

  • Personalized Support: Get tailored guidance from our knowledgeable facilitators, ready to answer your questions and help you navigate tricky concepts.

  • Extra Practice: Need more practice? Our facilitators prepare engaging problems to reinforce your learning during the session.

Who facilitates the Peer Pods?

  • Peer Pods are offered by our trained Peer Educators. These are students who have already taken and earned an A- or above in the class. They attend every class all over again to prepare for their sessions and help their peers practice the course material.

What other drop-in support is available?

Drop-in support for select STEM courses is also offered by our Student Learning Centre Specialists and Peer Tutors in our STEM Study Halls.

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