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Level 4 Ambassador Projects

Level 4 Ambassadors provides students with the opportunity to work in small groups and participate in a culminating project that showcases the leadership skills they have gained over the course of their university experience, and highlight the knowledge, skills and abilities they have developed throughout their participation in the Ambassador Program. Check out the projects our Level 4 Ambassadors are currently working on that reflect the following five domains:

Communication project

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Appropriate and effective communication is essential for students’ educational experiences and skills beyond post-secondary. Throughout the Communication portfolio, students will become engaged in the important process of both speaking and listening.

In past communication projects, our Ambassadors have conducted student interviews discussing what would make students stay in Durham Region past graduation and present this information to the Municipal government. 

Community Project

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Collaborating to address challenges, identify barriers and build relationships can create opportunities for enhanced knowledge and experiences in a group environment. Through the Community portfolio, students will realize their potential impact within the community by building relationships and working together to foster trust. 

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Student Life partnered with CityStudio Durham to connect students to the municipal government and their community. Our Ambassadors anonymously surveyed the Ontario Tech population to learn more about how people travel within Durham Region. The survey consiststed of questions connected to using Durham Region Transit, driving, biking, walking and general well-being.

Leadership Project

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As leaders, students are constantly evolving, learning and growing. Acknowledging the various types of leadership allows for continued development and achievement of personal goals. The Leadership portfolio will challenge and empower students to develop their own leadership style, and learn from others. The Leadership project typically involves the coordination and delivery of Student Life’s annual Student Leadership Conference.

This year, the  Level 4 Leadership Ambassadors presented their workshop, We Before MeNurturing Leaders with the Power of Community. The workshop focused on enhancing team leadership skills by learning effective communication, encouragement, and conflict resolution, and discovering the art of knowing when to lead and when to step back for optimal team success.