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Counselling Practicum Placements

Student Life offers a part-time, unpaid practicum for students working towards their master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. We offer a range of services to help students appreciate and reach their personal potential. Our services include personal and group counselling, case management, consultations, outreach and crisis intervention.

The practicum provides a bridge for the application of theoretical knowledge in practice through field experience, supporting the transition from student to counsellor. Students will gain experience with clinical assessment, case conceptualization and an understanding of gender and cultural issues in their journey to become competent and reflective counsellors.

Practicum students will be paired with an experienced counsellor(s) and integrated into the Student Life team. They will be involved in providing counselling to students across individual and group contexts, as well as outreach and awareness initiatives. Training takes an active experiential learning approach, where practicum students are involved in counselling activities.

What you will be doing:

Direct service (under the supervision of a Mental Health Counsellor placement supervisor):

  • Conducting initial intake appointments for students seeking counselling.
  • Crisis intervention and management.
  • Facilitating of psychoeducational workshops.
  • Group work (observing or co-facilitating).
  • Outreach programs.
  • Providing individual counselling for students (six to 10 client hours per week).

Indirect service:

  • Consultation with other professionals across the university.
  • In-service professional development.
  • Outreach and group preparation.
  • Planning intervention and reading.
  • Professional development seminars.
  • Supervision.

Supervision and learning opportunities:

  • Case consultations.
  • Clinical team meetings.
  • Co-counselling with supervisor and opportunity to co-counsel or observe other counsellors.
  • Critical incident debriefing.
  • Individual supervision.
  • Opportunities to participate in sessions of other counselling services including career and accessibility-related sessions.

How to apply

Send applications, including your letter of intent, statement of professional objectives for the practicum, and your current curriculum vitae to: 

Jarek Baginski

Manager, Student Mental Health Services