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Ridgeback Ramp Up

This summer transition program that provides new students with a head start in their university journey. Students can participate in online faculty-specific modules and live workshops. This program is covered by your student tuition fees.

The program provides an introduction to:

  • Active study strategies
  • Common assignments and critical thinking
  • Learning online
  • Managing university expectations
  • Math and chemistry review
  • Mindset and resilience strategies
  • Navigating the library website and accessing library resources and tools
  • Planning and time management
  • Writing and research skills
"Fun Fact: In 2022, 86 per cent of students who attended this programming reported feeling more capable of success at Ontario Tech.  92 per cent of students said they would recommend this program to their friends.

Please note: For students in Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, or Faculty of Science, Ridgeback Ramp Up will focus on practicing math skills required for entry-level university math and science courses. Students will have the opportunity to review algebra, equations, inequalities, trigonometry, functions and vectors as well as meet their math professors.  

Faculty of Business and Information Technology students will also review business math skills.

Instructions for registration:

You should register using your account. This account was used to register for your fall courses. For help registering, refer to our Canvas instructions or contact us with any questions. Once registered, you can learn at your own pace in the online course or live workshops (locations and links inside course).