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Peer Mentorship Program

Four students sitting at a table working together.What is the Peer Mentorship program?

The Peer Mentorship program is a peer-mentoring initiative that matches upper-year student mentors with student mentees, who have opted into the program for the winter term. This initiative is geared toward first-year students, however, any student who thinks they could benefit from individualized peer support is welcome to participate.  

Peer Mentors are upper-year student leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of their peers, and positively impact the Ontario Tech campus community. Mentors will support their mentees in strengthening important academic skills and help them to make the best use of campus resources.

How can my Peer Mentor support me?

Where the Peer Leader program (fall term initative) focuses more broadly on transitional support, helping new students to meet people and adjust to university life, the Peer Mentorship program (winter term) is a more structured, one-on-one mentoring relationship that focuses on mentees' individual needs. 

Benefits to becoming a mentee:

  • Develop and strengthen valuable personal and professional skills.
  • Make strong peer connections and experience a sense of community on campus.
  • Reflect on what you want from your experience at Ontario Tech and set goals to get there.  
  • Make the best use of campus resources.
  • Feel more confident solving problems.

Apply to be a mentee

If you are interested in becoming a mentee and getting matched with a Peer Mentor for the winter 2024 term, please review the Peer Mentee role description before completing the application form. 

Please note: The application for the Peer Mentee role is now closed. 


  • How can I become a Peer Mentor

    The Peer Mentorship program is a peer-mentoring initiative that matches upper-year student mentors with first-year student mentees in the winter semester. The aim is to help students achieve greater academic success by establishing meaningful relationships with peers. 

    Peer Mentors will be assigned 1 to 2 mentees who they will meet with on an individual basis throughout the term. Within these meetings, mentors will share their own academic journey and other relevant experiences to help build connections, and motivate their mentee toward achieving greater academic success. Mentors will help their students create a personal success plan that includes goal-setting conversations and exploring campus supports.

    Complete the Peer Mentor application form


  • How are mentees and mentors matched?
    In the application process, both mentees and mentors are asked to share information about their personal identity, goals, and values. The information collected will support the mentor-mentee matching process, so that we can prioritize finding mentees the best possible match available.
  • How can I request to be matched with a Peer Mentor that's different than who was originally assigned to me?
    If you feel you're not matched with a Peer Mentor who is a good fit for you, for any reason, you can request to be re-assigned to a new leader. Email and we can work together to find a more suitable match.
  • How can someone make a referral to the Peer Mentor program?

    Ontario Tech faculty and staff are likely to connect with students who can benefit from having a Peer Mentor. Students in any year of study can be referred and we will work to connect them with a suitable leader. 

    To make a referral, or to request more information about the program, email and we'll follow up as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions about the Peer Mentoring program, contact