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Test Centre and Integrated Services (TCIS) co-ordinates course quizzes, tests, midterms, online assessments, and final exams for students registered with Student Accessibility Services


I am registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). I have medical documentation supporting my accommodations and have completed the necessary requirements on the SAS web page

I am authorized to receive accommodations as per my Accommodations and Accessibility Specialist. I have already had a meeting, and my records and forms have been submitted via the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Portal

I have accommodations for testing and/or other criteria (e.g. reduced number of courses, extensions on assignment submissions, etc.).  

 On-campus assessments 

  • The Test Centre and Integrated Services (TCIS) team arranges suitable spaces that will satisfy the specific needs of your accommodations. 
  • Our dedicated invigilators supervise the entire process and are available to provide immediate support as required, ensuring a smooth and comfortable testing experience each time. 

 Online assessments

  • TCIS will connect directly with your course instructor(s) or administrator(s) to ensure that your applicable time-based accommodations—including additional writing time and break time—are applied. Extra time will also be added to Canvas for you, if applicable. 
  • Please note: Should your online assessment be scheduled over multiple days, the first date and time is the default for booking purposes. This applies regardless of whether you intend to participate on the first day of the booking or not. 

Assessment booking deadlines


Spring 2024

Summer 2024

Final examination dates

June 19 to 22, 2024

August 8 to 11, 2024

Registration deadline*

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Thursday, August 1, 2024

All tests, quizzes and mid-terms must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance of your test date. 

*Deadlines are strictly enforced due to seating allocations and restrictions to accommodation resources within the Test Centre (e.g. private rooms, use of technology, etc.).

Accommodated assessments

  • Booking

    Each different assessment with TCIS requires a separate booking, whether it's being done on campus or online. It's your responsibility to ensure you're meeting the assessment booking deadlines listed above.

    Please note: All tests, quizzes and mid-terms must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance of your test date. 

  • Late bookings - request for accommodations

    If you miss the assessment booking deadline, you must contact A TCIS team member will notify you if your request has been approved or not. 

    Please note: Submissions with less than seven working days notice may not be processed in time. Unless you hear back from us in this timeframe, please be prepared to write with your class. In order to guarantee your spot in the Test Centre, please book at least seven working days in advance of writing.  

    There is no guarantee that your late booking request will be approved. We try our best to accommodate but ask for your patience as some specific accommodations (e.g. private room, computer access, etc.) may not be available if you're booking in later than the assessment booking deadline. Due to space restrictions, active bookings that meet the seven working day deadline are processed first. 

  • On-campus assessment accommodations

    All on-campus assessments are administered at the university's Test Centre, located in Shawenjigewining Hall, Room 343A. Alternate locations such as Charles Hall, Room 236, are sometimes used during midterm and final exam periods. 

    Date and time:

    Most assessments are scheduled on the same date and at the same time as the rest of your class writing it. TCIS will reschedule according to your approved accommodation plan if necessary (e.g. morning writing only, one test per day, etc.), or administrative considerations (e.g. equipment availability). 

    Please note: If you're not planning on using specific accommodations outlined in your approved accommodation plan, contact as soon as possible. It takes a significant amount of admin time to make alternate arrangements, so ample notice would be very much appreciated. 

    If your extra time accommodation conflicts with your class schedule or other assessments being written on the same day, it's your responsibility to advise TCIS of this conflict as soon as possible. The TCIS team will then connect with your instructor to make alternate arrangements. Once arrangements have been approved, you will be notified via your student ( email. 

  • Online assessment accommodations

    If the rest of your class is writing the assessment remotely, you will as well. By default, there will not be a seat reserved for you to write in the Test Centre. You're still required to book your assessment to ensure your instructor is notified of your testing accommodations and so that they can format details appropriately in Canvas. 

    Please note: Remember to uncheck the use of Test Centre option from your online assessment booking. This notifies us that you will not be writing in the Test Centre and no seat needs to be reserved for you. 

    If you require alternative arrangements (e.g. in-person writing), it's your responsibility to connect with your instructor and forward your email verification of pre-approved arrangements to

  • Getting your confirmation email
    Once you have booked your accommodation assessment via the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Portal, you'll receive an automatic response to your student ( email address. We recommend you recheck your booking one working day before your assessment, in case there are any last-minute changes.

Frequently asked questions