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Peer Tutoring


  • Appointments can be booked for content support, study skills, and writing support.

  • Appointments are typically 45 minutes long.

  • Come prepared with specific questions about the content and concepts of concern. You are encouraged to bring homework, rubrics for assignments and other materials relevant to the content you are looking to review.

  • If possible, please send relevant materials to your tutor in advance to help them prepare for the session.

  • Please note that peer tutors will provide explanations and demonstrations where appropriate but will not act as an editor or corrector.

  • For writing appointments, written works will not be proofread during sessions. Peer Writing Tutors will help students develop their writing skills but will not edit papers.


  • Peer tutors are upper-year students who have achieved an A- or above in the courses they tutor and have an overall CGPA of 3.3.

  • The courses available for peer tutoring depend on the courses taken by our Peer Educator staff, meaning that the course course list will change every semester.

About our Peer Tutoring program

Our peer tutoring program has been awarded certification for all three levels as a certified tutor training program by the internationally recognized College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Achieving certification means that our peer tutoring program has met CRLA’s high standards for tutor selection, training, direct service and evaluation. 

Ontario Tech’s peer tutor program was launched in January 2011. Peer tutors are upper-year students who have achieved an A in the courses they tutor and have an overall CGPA of 3.3.

 I personally really appreciated all the help I got with the Control Systems course. My peer tutor understood the material really well and went to extra lengths to help me learn the material.  

- Peer Tutor survey respondent 
Appointment Booking Guidelines

Appointment Booking Guidelines

Appointments should be made in advance, especially during peak times. Peak times are typically a few weeks prior and leading up to midterms and final exams. However, the Student Learning Centre offers drop-in study sessions through our study halls and writing room.

Please provide 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice:

  • Will be counted as a no-show.

  • After three no-shows, a student may be barred from accessing the service for the remainder of the semester.

  • Will result in one session taken off the semester total (12 appointments per calendar each semester).