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Job Fairs

Job fairs are an excellent opportunity for students to network with employers and find what career paths interest them. Employers who are hiring are invited onto campus to showcase their company and discuss employment opportunities with students. We currently host three job fairs each year: The Job Fair hosted in conjunction with Durham College; the Part-Time Job Fair; and the Summer Job Fair. We recommend that you review our job preparation tips and/or book an appointment with us in advance of our career fairs.

Job Fair

The Job Fair, hosted in conjunction with Durham College, is the largest career event on campus. Employers are invited to participate in recruitment for full-time, contract, summer, part-time and co-op positions. In the days leading up to the Job Fair each year, we offer drop-in hours to get your resumé and cover letter reviewed.

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Part-Time Job Fair

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Part-Time Job Fair

Friday, September 6 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m 
Shawenjigewining Hall, Atrium. 

 The Part-Time Job Fair gives you an opportunity to meet organizations looking to recruit students for part-time employment. Bring your resumé and be prepared to network!

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Summer Job Fair 

The Summer Job Fair brings employers to campus who are looking to hire students for the summer. Bring copies of your resumé to apply to some of the jobs on the spot. 


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