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Online mental health resources

Mental health apps

7 Cups of Tea Anonymous and confidential chat with a trained listener for sharing things on your mind, seek resources, or just to talk!
BeSafe Helps individuals develop an electronic safety plan for crisis and distress situations including decision-making support, script for getting help, and information about mental health and addictions resources in the community.
Calm A simple relaxation resource delivering guided meditation tracks through soothing sounds and positive imagery.
Finch Your new self-care best friend! Create your own personalized bird and watch it grow as you complete self-care goals, and practice mindfulness and self-compassion exercises. 
Healthy Minds Track your feelings and emotions to understand them to develop effective coping strategies for daily life stressors.
HeadSpace Resource consisting of simple, guided mindfulness exercises
Insight Timer Thousands of free meditations to help with managing stress, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and more.
Anxiety BC
Provides information on relaxation, helpful thinking methods, and teach proactive ways to manage anxiety. Also, has tools on how to address sleep, test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, panic, worry, etc.)
Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM) SAM (Self-Help and Anxiety Management) is an app developed by the University of West England which features information on anxiety and relaxation techniques.

Disclaimer about links:
The online services listed on this page are not meant to replace an in-person consultation with a professional mental health counsellor. The information listed on this page does not imply Student Mental Health Services or its staff professionally endorses all of the contents on this page. Student Mental Health Services tries to keep these links updated, however, if you find a link that is no longer active, please let us know by calling us at 905.721.3392 or emailing