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Stride is a program to help you develop learning strategies and study skills.

The Stride learning skills program helps you develop learning strategies and study skills. We offer a series of workshops and study sessions to help you find your stride at university!

The program is designed to help you:

  • Demonstrate your awareness about what you think and learn.

  • Determine appropriate academic learning strategies that will contribute to your academic success. For example: Study habits, planning, note taking, memory strategies, text analysis and time management.

  • Discuss self-management strategies, for example: Self-awareness, assertiveness, problem-solving and self-advocacy skills.

  • Identify strategies to increase your resilience while navigating academic challenges.

If you have any questions about the Stride learning skills program, please contact



Led by our Peer Success Facilitators and special guests, these groups are designed for students looking for supportive ways to stay accountable throughout the winter term while learning some useful study strategies in the process. 

Benefits of joining a Stride study support group:

  • Access a space for sharing tips, concerns and resources.

  • Connect with students who are experiencing what you’re going through.

  • Discover tools and information to help cope with the demands of university life.

  • Learn foundational skills, such as time management, stress management, reading and note taking, studying and test-taking strategies to be successful in university.

  • Support one another and hold each other accountable to avoid procrastination and cramming.

Drop in to just one session and learn a specific study skill or attend them all! Frequent attendance will allow you to connect with other students and develop a toolkit of learning strategies needed to be successful in university.

These meetings are not workshops, they are conversations. Students will be expected to unmute themselves and participate in discussion. Screen sharing is optional, but please be prepared to interact.

Each session is organized around a particular theme and will involve a discussion and a collaborative activity. There will also be an opportunity for group members to check in to discuss their progress and to ask questions. 

Register on the Student Life Portal

Feel free to register up to the last minute, if you would like to drop in for the session. 

We look forward to seeing you at these groups!

If you attend five Stride Study Support Group sessions or Stride workshops, you can add the experience to your Student Experience Record as well as email to receive a LinkedIn endorsement.

 When coming back from academic suspension, I felt nervous about repeating the same patterns, however, I began signing up for Stride workshops and they helped me continue down a good path with my study habits. Study support groups helped with creating a sense of community and allowed me to recognize other students were struggling too. It was a non-judgemental place where I felt safe to share. 

- Stride survey respondent.