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Classroom Supports

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom

It's important that each student feels comfortable and accepted in their learning environment. Introduce yourself with your pronouns and encourage your students to do the same. Avoid using pronouns when addressing students, instead use their names. If a student prefers a name other than their given one, they can change their name with the university.

Discrimination and Harrasment

The university is committed to developing an environment that promotes and supports equity, compassion, and respect among all members of the community. To this end, the university has set out principles of behaviour in an effort to increase behaviours well-correlated with success and stability, while working to eradicate discrimination, harassment, or other violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code through the Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Domestic and Sexual Violence Support

If you witness any forms of violence or harassment or suspect a student may have experienced it, there are supports and education available to them. 

When speaking with an individual who has experienced violence or harassment, you're encouraged to ask the individual how they can best be supported and to ask for their consent to connect them to resources such as a Support Worker. 

Give Support

Contact a support worker:

For more information on resources and supports, contact the Student Development Specialist - Equity Programs at

Career Centre

Career Centre

What can the Career Centre do?

Visit your classes and work with you on special programs or workshops:

Invite the Career Center to come to classes to present or facilitate workshops about career and employment issues, and/or to offer special workshops and panel events with employers on career options for specific disciplines and majors.

Work with you to connect your students with industry recruiters:

We frequently meet with industry recruiters, and many of them are interested in getting to know more about our faculty, or in giving talks about their research and technologies. Please let us know if you would be interested in such collaborations so we can make those connections when the opportunities present themselves.

How can you collaborate with the Career Centre?

Encourage your students to use the services of the Career Centre:

Many students look to their professors, and academic advisors, for direction and guidance on how to find co-ops and jobs in the field. Learn about services available to students that contribute to career readiness.

Participate in our career education programs and panels:

We often host a wide range of panel events and workshops each year, with students of all faculties at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you're interested in participating, we would certainly welcome your insight and expertise.

Encourage your industry contacts to post their employment or internship opportunities with the Career Centre:

We offer employers (local, national and international) the opportunity to post their employment and/or volunteer positions free of charge. Employers may take advantage of our other recruitment services and learn more about the best ways to raise their profile with our students. 

Hire a student:

Hiring students or young alumni on a full-time, part-time, or summer basis is a great way for them to gain insight and experience in the working world. Please post your positions through the University Works Program or our Student Life Portal.

For more information on resources and supports, contact the Career Centre at

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources

Request Volunteers

Request Volunteers

Request Volunteers

Ambassadors are volunteer student leaders who have participated in training that promotes communication skills, leadership development, customer service, and inclusivity. Students are also trained in representing the university and promoting on-campus services. If you have an upcoming event that needs student volunteers, you're encouraged to request assistance through the Ambassador Program.

Events that Ambassadors have provided volunteer support for in the past:

  • Community events happening at the university

  • Donor and advancement events

  • Faculty-specific events

  • Open houses

We encourage you to request Ambassadors a minimum of three weeks in advance of your event. Ambassadors will be contacted once the request form has been submitted. You will receive a list of Ambassadors who have registered to volunteer. You will then be responsible for providing the Ambassadors with the information they need to support your event successfully.

Student Learning Centre In-Class Workshops

Student Learning Centre In-Class Workshops