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Groups and Initiatives

If you are in need of a community that can relate to what you're going through, or if you would like to be a support to others, Student Life has opportunities that you can get involved with. Work with your peers and follow the lead of our professional Mental Health Counsellors to get help.

campus connected hands-linked symbol

Campus Connected

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What is it?

  • A movement to connect the people who make up our campus.
  • An attitude of caring and kindness.
  • Listening with empathy and without judgement.

Who is it for?

Students, faculty, staff and community.

How can I join the movement?

  • Attend a Campus Connected session.
  • Display the Campus Connected symbol (see the following examples).
  • Be available to listen, care and help others.

campus connected logo on a laptop     campus connected logo on a door     

What does displaying a symbol of Campus Connected mean?

It means that the person displaying it:

  • Cares about you.
  • Will listen to you.
  • Will try to help you.

What is it not?

It is not professional counselling support for distressing and crisis situations. In these situations, refer to professionals (details about how and where to refer are in Campus Connected sessions). 

Why is Campus Connected important?

Lack of social connection is a common theme that contributes to challenges experienced by university students. Students in need of connection feel profound loneliness, isolation, shame and fear of being judged negatively. Similarly, lack of connection also contributes to staff and faculty’s compromised well-being.

How would I benefit from becoming involved with Campus Connected?

Supporting others benefits the helper. Voluntarily giving help to others protects our overall physiological health and emotional well-being.

How do I register?

Space is limited so please register today by following 5 easy steps (below):

  1. Log in to the Student Life Portal by clicking on the bottom right button and using your MyCampus ID and Password
  2. Click on Register for an Event (directly under your name, fifth blue tab)
  3. Click on Events and Workshops
  4. Scroll through the calendar (Aug-Sept-Oct) and click on the Campus Connected grey box date and time you want to attend
  5. Click Register for this event

Group of students and staff standing in nature around a sign that says "Mood Walks"Mood Walks

Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m.

Get moving, get grounded and get lifted. 

Mood Walks is a free and fun opportunity that promotes physical and mental health by getting mindful walking breaks during the busy school and workday. Come out for a walk to restore your concentration, uplift your mood, decrease your stress and be a part of your campus community. All students, staff and faculty are invited to participate.

Meeting locations

North Location
Meet in the Science Building (UA), Atrium.

Downtown Location
Pick up points are 61 Charles Street (second floor) at 11:45 a.m. and the Education Building foyer at noon.

Mood Walks is an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Learn more about this initiative on the Mood Walks website.  Email with any questions.

Support Groups

Note that each group will only run if sufficient interest is demonstrated. If you would like to participate in one or more groups, please click the respective button and fill out the interest form.

Beyond 13 Reasons Why Discussion Group

Let's talk about one of the most controversial shows on television! Join the Beyond 13 Reasons Why group as we discuss topics related to bullying, guilt, sexual abuse and suicide.

I am interested in joining the Beyond 13 Reasons Why Discussion Group

Facing our Fears

This group offers a supportive environment to address feelings of anxiety, worry and overwhelm. It will focus on building tools and strategies for calming stressful thoughts and situations as they arise and building greater resilience in order to face life’s challenges.

I am interested in joining the Facing Our Fears Support Group

Skills for Healthy Relationships

This group will help in developing communication and interpersonal skills to help improve relationships and mood. Learn about attachment styles, how to manage conflicts, and what to avoid to promote healthy relationships. It is also helpful for students living with anxiety and depressive symptoms.

I am interested in joining the Skills for Healthy Relationships Support Group

Mindfulness and Self-compassion

This group will help students develop mindfulness-based skills that assist with stress management, anxiety and overall emotional balance. Students will also learn strategies that promote compassionate self-awareness.

I am interested in joining the Mindfulness and Self-compassion Support Group

Young Fathers Support Group

Becoming a father is one of the most powerful psychological changes in man’s life. If you are a young father, expecting father, in the role of a father, or a non-custodial father, we would like to invite you to the Young Fathers’ Support Group.

Fathers are profoundly important in the lives of their children. We will explore many areas that young men contend with including:
- becoming a father--emotional transition to fatherhood
- responsible fatherhood and co-parenting
- the role of fathers in childhood development
- parenting styles
- impacts of mother-father relationship on their children.

I am interested in joining the Young Fathers' Support Group

If you have any questions regarding any of our support groups, please call the Student Lifeline at 905.721.3392 or email