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We offer a variety of workshops to support students and recent graduates in their career readiness. Workshops are scheduled at varying times throughout the year.  Some workshops continue to be offered online during the remainder of the Winter 2020 semester.

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Academic Job Search: Discover the Path to Success

This workshop is designed to inform graduates seeking careers in academia with insight into the stages of an academic recruitment cycle and an overview of labour market information. We will emphasize where to find employment opportunities and typical salary ranges, as well as important strategies to develop for pursuing a career in academia.

All About Co-op

This workshop is designed specifically for students in Science and Engineering. Attend this workshop to identify the criteria to enrol, review the steps involved to secure a co-op, and learn how we can assist you while before, during, and after the co-op experience.

Employment Readiness Program

This series of workshops is designed to teach students practical job readiness skills and skills for navigating the workplace with success. Students who attend the workshop series will have access to additional one-on-one peer support with an Employment Peer Coach who can help address career-related concerns. Learn more and register for the Employment Readiness Program.


This workshop will outline the best possible approaches and methods towards acing any interview, what questions to be ready for, what questions are the best to ask an interviewer, and how to leave the lasting positive impression that will get you hired.


At this workshop, we will outline just what a LinkedIn profile can do for you; the best ways to start, create, edit, update your profile, and how to connect with recruiters and potential employers on the world's largest recruitment website.


You will walk away from this workshop with knowledge on how fundamental networking is for building, maintaining, and working with professional individuals who could lead you to career opportunities in the future.

Resumé and Cover Letter

You will learn the best possible ways of creating a sleek, informative, and effective resume and cover letter that will surely help land you that position you dream about.

Self-Reflection for Career Decision Making

Are you wondering what you want in life and what's important to you? Through interactive self-reflection exercises, you will explore how your interests, abilities and values align with potential careers.