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Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are students leaders who represent the university at on-campus and off-campus events and activities. Throughout the program they participate in an exclusive ongoing workshop series, designed to support their personal and professional growth, allowing them to grow as leaders and be more effective in building the campus community.

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Students must complete all five of the Level 1 workshops as well as AODA Accessibility and Mental Health Mindsight online modules before officially becoming Ambassadors. They will not get their official t-shirts until these workshops are complete.

Ambassadors are required to collect 15 volunteer points throughout the school year by attending and/or assisting with eligible campus events. The table below outlines the number of points that can be earned per event. 

Please note the following: 

  • Although MyStart: Orientation, MyStart: Welcome and OUF are typically multi-day events, points will only be awarded once during the school year. 
  • Attending on-campus events as a participant or audience member will earn you one point per event. Note that you can only claim four points in this category per school year. 
  • General events include: Get Involved Fair, International Orientation, Ridgeback Games, etc. 

Type of Event 


Become a Peer Notetaker

8 per school year

MyStart: Orientation


MyStart: Welcome


MyStart Info Booths

1 per hour (up to a maximum of 4)

Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF) 

Open House (fall/winter)

5 each 

Full day (7 to 8 hours) events 

4 per event 

Half day (3 to 4 hours) events 

2 per event 

RISE Workshops 

2 per event (up to a maximum of 6) 

Less than half day volunteer events 

1 per event

Attending general university events  

1 per event (up to a maximum of 4) 

In order to earn points, Ambassadors will be required to check in with the event coordinator or a Student Engagement and Equity staff member to obtain a unique event code. The code 'genevent' can be used for general events.

Ambassadors must also track their attendance themselves, by filling out the Ambassador Event Attendance form using the code provided to them.


  • What's the difference between Ambassador and Peer Leader?

    Ambassadors are students who positively contribute to the overall campus community by supporting the implementation of campus events. Students interested in becoming Ambassadors can join at any time throughout their university careers.

    Alternatively, Peer Leaders are upper-year student leaders who support new and incoming students as they transition into university. In order to become a Peer Leader, you must have completed all five Level 1 workshops of the Ambassador Program.

    Can I be an Ambassador and Peer Leader at the same time?

    Yes, these are unique programs with different requirements. As long as you meet the requirements of each role, you can maintain your status of being an Ambassador and a Peer Leader at the same time and include both roles separately on your Involvement Record.

  • Do the program levels match the year that I'm in?
    Not always. It depends on when you start in the program. Students are only allowed to complete one level per school year.
  • What's the point of doing all four levels of the Ambassador Program if I'm called an Ambassador after Level One?
    • As you move through each level of the Ambassador program, you will be completing workshops related to Leadership, Communication, Community, Equity and Reflection. The workshops have been built in such a way that each year builds upon the next, deepening your knowledge and expertise in the areas mentioned above. The upper levels of the Ambassador program are a great way to expand your personal and professional growth and can be considered advantageous when seeking future employment opportunities. Students should continue to work toward the higher levels of the Ambassador Program, as each level provides different education and opportunities for growth. Plus, each separate level of the Ambassador Program can be added to a student's Involvement Record.

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