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iLaunch is an annual one-day conference to help new graduates launch their careers after graduation. For a $15 fee, participants will:

  • Learn practical work readiness skills
  • Discover recruiting tips from employers
  • Hear a Keynote speaker discussing career pathways
  • Get professional LinkedIn photos taken
The 2019 iLaunch took place on Thursday, June 20, 2019. Stay tuned for information regarding the 2020 iLaunch. For more information, contact
  • 2019 Schedule of Events

    Keynote Speakers

    Brian D’Souza | Finance Business Development Associate

    Brian D’Souza is an alumni of Ontario Tech who graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor Commerce with a major in Finance. He has worked in a variety of jobs from Coordinator to Recruiter to a top performing Business Development Associate.

    In his work, he determines how he can impact the long-term success of organizations at a cross-functional level. Brian has a passion for product innovation and helping companies put their customers at the centre of their decision making.

    Muhammad Mahad | Assistant Technical Engineer

    Muhammad Mahad was an international student from Pakistan who graduated from Ontario Tech in 2016 as a mechanical engineer. Throughout his time at the university, he worked as an Engineering Project Analyst, helping faculty with research and experimentation, was the President of the university’s chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and worked as an International Student Engagement Assistant. These experiences helped him to land a job as an Assistant Technical Engineer at OPG following school. Today, Muhammad enjoys engaging alumni and giving back to the university!


    Four Ways to Start a Conversation

    Facilitators: Amanda Miller, Co-op and Internship Advisor and Irene Jackman, Human Resources Manager, Ontario Centres of Excellence

    Do you sometimes fi­nd it dif­ficult meeting new people? Not sure how to start the conversation? Learn how to interact within the professional world and be successful at job fairs, wine and cheese networking events and any social gathering.

    Get your Resume in the YES Pile

    Facilitators: Shenelle Payne Cuffy, Employment Advisor; Tinuola Ekuase, First Year Experience Coordinator; and Jocelyn Churchill, Human Resource Advisor

    You will learn important components of an effective resumé, how to create competency-based accomplishment statements that capture an employer’s attention and how to express your unique skills, knowledge and experience to best ­fit the needs of a particular position. Learn how to create a cover letter that will make the employer want to read your resumé.

    Seven LinkedIn Hacks to Make an Impact

    Facilitators: Darren Grant, Employment Advisor and Kim Hogendoorn, Director of Global Recruitment at SOTI

    In an era where social media impacts your job search, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to build connections, seek out employment opportunities, and build your professional brand.

    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Next Interview

    Facilitators: Shenelle Payne Cuffy, Employment Advisor and Tinuola Ekuase, First Year Experience Coordinator

    In this interactive workshop, you will learn effective strategies to succeed before, during and after an interview. You will also learn the importance of soft skills and how to emphasize these skills in a behavioural-based interview using the STAR technique.

    Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress

    Facilitator: Erin McKenney, Career Counsellor

    Through interactive activities, small group discussions and facilitator-led exercises, you will learn strategies for managing anxious thoughts and stress related to your job search. Practice the strategies to see which ones work for you!