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iLaunch is an annual one-day conference that takes place in June to help new graduates launch their careers after graduation.


Job Fairs

We currently host two job fairs each year, the Job Fair hosted in conjunction with Durham College that takes place in February, and the Summer Job Fair that takes place in March.


Further Education Expo

The Further Education Expo is an event that takes place in September as an opportunity for students to explore post-graduate options.


Teacher Career Development Expo

The Teacher Career Development Expo is an annual event that takes place in November for teacher candidates and alumni from the Faculty of Education an opportunity to explore a wide range of employment opportunities within the public and private educational sectors through workshops and a job fair.


Career Carnival

Career Carnival is a three-day event that takes place in January to give you the networking skills and tools you need to succeed professionally.

students at job fair

Volunteer Fair

The Volunteer Fair takes place in March to give students an opportunity to connect with community organizations that are looking to recruit for current volunteer opportunities.

Engineering Reverse Career Fair

Reverse Career Fairs

Reverse Career Fairs are opportunities for students and graduates to host tables while employers circulate the room to share information about job and internship opportunities at their organization.

Engineering Reverse Career Fair

Career Bus

Career Bus is an event, typically taking place in March, where students get to travel to an industry partner to learn about their work and realize the practical application and value of the skills learned through their degree

career chats

Career Chats

Career Chats is a drop-in clinic where you can receive resume, LinkedIn, interviewing or job searching advice from industry leading employers.