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Readiness Workshops

Readiness workshops for first-year students

The Readiness Workshops are quick review sessions designed to help you succeed in fundamental first-year course work. In each workshop, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and review foundational concepts. 

Why should you attend? 

The first few weeks of university can feel overwhelming, and professors expect you to be ready to learn new content almost immediately. 

For STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) courses,  the Readiness Workshops will help you review relevant high school content needed to be successful in your first few classes. 

Topics in writing and study skills will review academic expectations that are not taught in class. Sometimes this is referred to as the hidden curriculum—unspoken expectations you need to understand to thrive in your first year of university.

Check back soon for more workshops!

Math Boot Camp for second-year engineering students

Math Boot Camp is offered in early September for second-year engineering students; join us to brush up on some topics that you may have forgotten or just need a quick refresher on! You'll find the topics relevant to each Engineering program and beneficial for review as you transition into your second year of studies.

Students must register for workshops and boot camps on the Student Life Portal. Full descriptions of each workshop/boot camp are included on the portal's events calendar.

Check back soon for upcoming workshop details.