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How to register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 
Please complete the Student Intake Form by clicking below. 


Collect and/or complete your disability documentation. In order for students to receive academic accommodations, their functional impairments need to be verified by an appropriately qualified healthcare professional who is licensed to diagnose the disability within their scope of practice.

Documentation must: 

  • Confirm the disability is present, whether temporary or permanent. 
  • Identify functional limitations and disability-related needs. 
  • Indicate how the disability impacts or impairs academic functioning.

 Accepted Forms of Disability Documentation:   

Download the SAS Disability Documentation ForM

Individual Education Plan (IEPs):

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and accommodation plans from previous years of study are helpful tools in accommodation planning; however, they are not considered confirmation of disability. Confirmation of disability will be required beyond these documents to receive accommodations at the university.  

Accommodation plans from other Institutions:

Previous accommodation plans from other institutions will not automatically transfer to Ontario Tech. You will need to request your documentation from previous schools. Schools do not share this information with one another. 

If you have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability/Disorder:
Provide a copy of your last psychoeducational assessment. Ideally this assessment was completed within the last five years or with adult norms (you were at least 18 years old when you were tested); however, we will accept older assessments as a starting point to register with our office. If you graduated from an Ontario secondary school in the last five years, you can request a copy of your psychoeducational assessment from your high school.

A Note About Documentation:
We recognize the historical and systemic disparities in educational systems and society can often have adverse consequences that further marginalize populations. They affect our students and their ability to provide documentation of a disability. If you have experienced a barrier to receiving documentation, we are committed to working with you to find appropriate and creative ways of ensuring access to appropriate supports and services.

If you are unsure about documentation, please discuss existing documentation and options for pursuing updated documentation in your intake appointment.

Email your completed student intake form and disability documentation to

If you have any questions or concerns about sufficient documentation or experience any accessibility issues when attempting to complete the forms, let our staff know and you can complete your forms with support when you attend your intake appointment. 

Once we have received your intake and disability documentation forms, will email you to coordinate your appointment. Appointments are usually booked for two hours so please ensure you are available for the full duration. 

Appointments can take place by: 

  • Google Meet 
  • In person (north or downtown Oshawa campus locations) 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 905.721.3266 or

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.