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Current SAS Students

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is here to support you if you have a disability and need accommodations as legally required by the Ontario Human Rights Code. Once you've registered with SAS, you'll work directly with an Accessibility and Accommodations Specialist to access your academic accommodations. 

We recommend that you refer to the Student Accessibility Services partnership agreement form. This form outlines your responsibilities and will need to be completed when you register with our office.

Use the SAS Portal to access your accommodations, book appointments and tests, and renew your accommodations.

It is your responsibility to renew your accommodations every semester. It is recommended to wait until the first week of classes to do so, to ensure that a professor has been assigned to your course(s). 

You must share a copy of the Notice of Accommodation letter with your course professor(s) and instructor(s) using our secure SAS Portal.


Please note: You must complete a separate booking for each assessment, regardless if it is to be written on-campus or online. All tests need to be booked on the SAS Portal to access your testing accommodations.

On-campus assessments

All on-campus assessments are written within the university's Test Centre. On-campus location and additional information on booking your assessment can be found on the Test Centre and Integrated Services web page.

Online assessments

If the rest of your class is writing the assessment remotely, you will as well. By default, there will not be a seat reserved for you to write in the Test Centre. You are still required to book your assessment in the Test Centre to ensure your instructor is notified of your testing accommodations, and so they can format details appropriately in Canvas. Remember to uncheck the Use of Test Centre option from your online assessment booking. This notifies the Test Centre that you will not be physically writing in the Test Centre and no seat needs to be reserved for you. 

Test booking deadlines

  • All tests, quizzes and mid-terms must be booked a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance of your test date. 
  • Final exams must be booked a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance of the final examination period. Assessment booking deadlines for final exams can be found on the Test Centre and Integrated Services web page.
For more support review the:

SAS Peer Coaches are current students who are already enrolled at Ontario Tech University and are hired through the University Works program (fall/winter or spring/summer). These are students who have used, or are familiar with, the SAS services, including accommodated testing, assistive technology, and accommodations.

Services offered:

  • Academic support 
  • Connect to resources 
  • Help navigate SAS portal and services  

Peer Coaches do not support with:

  • Careers 
  • Educational assistance 
  • Mental health/Crisis support
  • Subject specific tutoring 
  • Translation services

For more information on peer coaches, please refer to the SAS Peer Coaches Overview handout. If you are interested in learning more, you can email your SAS specialist to book an appointment.


  • Renew your accommodations each semester through the SAS Portal.

  • Allow sufficient time to put accommodations in place.

  • Adhere to the university’s code of conduct as outlined in the undergraduate and graduate academic calendars.

  • Contact SAS and the Test Centre if you have scheduled an assessment but have dropped the course.

  • Maintain contact with SAS throughout the school year. You may need to share information or contact us about: 

If you cannot find your answers on this page please contact SAS by phone at 905.721.3266 or by email at